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    J'ai eu le nez fin , on ressort le token maison ;

    The biggest problem was many payouts daily with small amounts multiplied by the number of coins. We have reached a point where we were unable to send them manually, which resulted in delays and mistakes. Finally today we solved the problem and from now all payouts will be in our Cryptonits(CRT). You can convert all your coins into one and payout all at once. There will be NO max limit and NO convert fee! You can payout a bigger amount once per 7 days. To avoid many small payouts the minimum limit is 100$. In December it will be possible to trade CRT on exchange and you will decide when and how many Cryptonits you will sell. Payouts will be processed in a max of 24 hours. First, we need to be sure that everyone can handle it. If not then we will think about going back to the old payout method. To create a successful CRT payout you need to add in your Profile section your Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet. We suggest using a really simple MetaMask wallet. If you will have any problems please let us know. We updated also our ticket system and moved more people to the support team to speed up the reply to your question. Soon dashboard will be refreshed and more improvements will come. Thanks for your patient and understanding. We still working to be the best cryptocurrency company... and we will be! Thank you for your support!

    Augmentation du plafond sur le plan turbo a compter du 23 Novembre a 2500$ :thumbsup:

    The upper limits in cryptocurrencies are also modified accordingly:

    - 0.25 BTC

    - 7.5 ETH

    - 2,500 USDT

    - 10 BCH

    - 50 LTC

    - 10,000 XRP

    - 7,500 PIVX

    - 37.5 DASH

    et la suite ....

    It's time to tell you more about our new investment program. As we mentioned earlier, the key difference the new program will have is transparency. Daily reports will be provided, showing how your money is played, what bets were made and etc. Please note that bets within one tournament can bring both profit and loss - this is an absolutely normal workflow that will not affect a monthly result.

    • In general we will keep the aggregated yield within the earlier given threshold of up to 20% per month.
    • The profit will be credited to your current account after each successful bets, and will be available right after.
    • In this program, we will also make it transparent to receive commission from bets. The larger your portfolio, the more your net income, the less % the company takes from each transaction.
    • The withdrawal requests will be collected during weekends same as before, and will be processed next Thursday to Friday. We are still in process of optimization of financial flows, and the withdrawal process is subject for improvement.
    • Your deposits will be automatically transferred from previous program according to the scheme, which we will publish shortly

    Hope we have successfully lifted the curtain of a new product, and soon we will tell you about the positive changes in the affiliate program, which we tried making as profitable as possible, and we expect to see at least a double growth of cheques of our active partners in the nearest future!

    Because we are Gameplex Group. We work for your profit.

    Dear partners & investors!

    We are pleased to announce a new stage of Gameplex development. Over the past six months we have launched new directions, entered new markets, improved the platform and much more. A tremendous job was done and now we are going through the stage of obtaining a license.

    The licensing authority requested to revise investment products towards more open and transparent ones. Similar requirements were provided for financial flows passing through our bank accounts.

    Therefore, we decided to launch a new product that is even more open and clear for our customers.

    After launching, you will be able to monitor the esports bets of our cappers in real time and view their results. The system will display dates, teams, portfolio bet %, bet result and profit. We plan to keep the profitability under the current conditions while financial flows will be differentiated - those who top up with a bank card will be withdrawn to bank cards, those using cryptocurrencies will be able to use only that.

    Transferring current investments into a new product will allow us to obtain a license and continue to develop without such risks as blocking bank accounts or website and other possible risks in the case of operating without a license.

    Your current investment will be rolled over to a new product under favorable terms, which will be published later this week. Due to a system upgrade current programs profit withdrawal will not be possible this week.

    Great news for our affiliate partners: our marketers are now developing a more profitable affiliate program where you can have up to 2 times more earnings from the affiliate network than you do now!

    The launch of the new investment product is scheduled for next week, tentatively Thursday. Our developers will do their best to complete the tasks as soon as possible, and give you the opportunity to receive even more income with renewed vigor!

    J'ai arrêté Neo/Eth 0 Eth de gains en 15 jours , j'en ai profité pour transformer mes Neo en BNB au passage 8o

    A priori le bot va être amélioré , car actuellement on est sortis des ranges suite aux derniers mouvements , il va donc falloir arrêter les bots et les relancer dans un nouveau range , le bot va pouvoir prochainement faire ca tout seul , en attente de développement ....

    Bref pas vraiment user friendly actuellement , c'est pourquoi j'ai lancé des test sur d'autre bots plus classique .

    Le bot a des ratés en ce moment , bon j'ai que 100$ dessus depuis le mois d'Aout , mais attention a ceux qui ont de grosses sommes ...