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    497967 ETH-USDT Binance Futures Completed 28-09-2020 03:15:11 28-09-2020 14:36:01 1.23029884 27.79%
    497425 BNB-USDT Binance Futures Completed 27-09-2020 03:30:18 28-09-2020 01:00:25 0.55290132 2.07%
    497014 BNB-USDT Binance Futures Completed 26-09-2020 12:30:22 26-09-2020 19:11:13 1.29037163 29.18%
    496477 BNB-USDT Binance Futures Completed 25-09-2020 23:00:26 26-09-2020 12:05:34 1.23328583 27.83%
    495698 BNB-USDT Binance Futures Completed 25-09-2020 03:15:10 25-09-2020 22:03:16 3.86211625 29.06%

    Que des trades positifs !!!!

    L'équipe de VIA.TOP a ajouté une nouvelle langue atypique : la Thaîlande.

    Dear VIA family!

    As you can see, we are optimizing the platform and making improvements in functionality and design every day!

    Today we are pleased to inform you that the platform website has been fully translated into Thai language. VIA will soon become a fully international platform and will be available in all languages of the world!

    Best regards, VIA.TOP team

    VIA.TOP - We Go High.

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    Bonjour à tous,

    Je suis de retour dans le business après quelques d'année de silence pour s'occuper de ma vie familiale et associative.

    Voici le tableau


    Niron Shopping a décidé d'agrandir son équipe avec la Chine !!!


    Dear Investors!

    Niron Shopping Holding continues to develop in different countries of the world, gaining more and more popularity.

    Today we are glad to welcome a large team of Chinese leaders and in honor of this, we are adding Chinese localization to the site and to the investor's personal account.

    Soon we will open official chats on Telegram and WeChat, for closer interaction with Chinese investors.

    Follow the news on the official Niron Shopping resources!

    Chinese localization

    Ouverture officiel du 2ème bureau en Russie


    As planned, we have already opened the second Niron Shopping consulting office in the Russian Federation!

    The new center is located in the Locus business hall, Volgograd.

    Meanwhile, billboards with our advertising can be seen in many cities and geography continues to expand.

    We bring to your attention a small photo report from the opening of the new office.

    Also, on our YouTube channel, you can watch a video from the opening of the office:

    L'admin a décidé d'être accessible aux personnes qui ne supportent pas que la page soit sombre.

    Dear VIA family!

    As you noticed, we are very careful with the design of our platform and every day the design department makes improvements for one purpose - the ease of use of our platform.

    Today, we are pleased to present you Lightmode for the website VIA.TOP. If you think that the website of our platform is too dark and you are missing something light and bright - just switch it to the Lightmode! We hope you appreciate our innovation!

    Best regards, VIA.TOP design department

    VIA.TOP - We Go High.


    L'admin est très réactif, ajout de deux nouveaux systèmes de paiements

    Dear VIA family!

    As you have noticed, we are very careful about the issues related to the convenience of financial transactions on our platform!

    Today, we are pleased to inform you that you can deposit and withdraw your funds using two new payment systems: Tron (TRX) and Tether (USDT ERC20).

    Best regards, VIA.TOP financial department

    VIA.TOP - We Go High.


    Information de l'admin pour une meilleur transparente entre l'équipe et les investisseurs

    Dear VIA family!

    As you can see, we optimize our platform every day and introduce improvements in functionality and design!

    Today we're glad to inform you, that we have improved our system of technical support for investors and partners! Now, with a new response from technical support. you will receive a pop-up notification!

    Best regards, design department VIA.TOP

    VIA.TOP - We Go High.


    Première annonce publicitaire en russie


    Dear investors!Niron Shopping billboards have already been installed in cities such as Krasnodar and Taganrog!

    We are developing and following the holding's scaling program.

    Advertising is one of the most important aspects of the development of any company.

    And its growing popularity will always have a positive effect on our work, recognition, and prospects for investors.

    Follow the news on the official Niron Shopping resources!