Payza, PP et TM!

  • Bonjour,

    Ces derniers jours, TM avait des petits problèmes avec les rachats par payza.... J'ai donc posé une question à l'admin et obtenu la réponse suivante, que je poste ici car outre le fait que Payza soit de retour sans problème, j'ai eu également des réponses à des questions que je n'avais pas posées mais qui pourront servir à tout un chacun (y compris moi d'ailleurs).... ;)

    J'espère que cela aidera du monde, c'est tout frais de ce matin:

    "!!!!!!!!!!! New update !!!!!!!!!!!Payza is back for purchases and withdraws. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

    Thank you for opening a ticket to help us resolve your issue faster please see the following details.Recent ticket subjects are about earnings which have been now fixed as wel as surfing.Please read the follow top ticket subjects as we may have the answer to your question here:----------------

    -Q1. How to add or change a new payment processor?If you need to add a processor differently than you entered at sign-up, the only other way is to make a purchase. We accept stp, paypal, payza once your purchase is made you will see the option to withdraw to the processor, the purchase must be made with your processor not account balance.-----------------

    Q2. Why is my payment declined?You will need to check with your payment processor to see what the issue is if your withdraw is not processing there is nothing we can do about it since we are sending and your account is not receiving it, also you may want to verify your processor on your account that the id is correct.-----------------

    Q3. I recently made a purchase and it is not showing on my account.Normally when making a large purchase transactions they are under review from paypal or the processor for 24-72 hours.You will see it apply instantly to your account once it has cleared to Traffic Monsoon. If it has been longer then 72 hours please provide the following info:----------------

    -Q4. How does cash links work? Why are there a few ads sometimes?Cash links are delivered on a first come first serve basis as members purchase them. These are not static ads that appear daily but only when they are purchased by members like yourself. Please check back later for more cash links if this is what you are interested in.Sometimes you may see "ad expired" because we deliver traffic so fast that there are more members clicking the ad at one time sometimes. Sorry for the inconvenience we are working to find a way to resolve this in the future.**Also note that cash links are disabled 10 minutes before and after the hour to help stabilize our website load. -----------------

    Q5. Why is my ad not being approved or it is showing declined?You can resubmit your ads, if your site goes offline or is a frame breaker they will be suspended, or not approved. You can edit the details for re approval. If you continue to get rejected post your links here so we can further review them for the reason of not being approved.Also note if you are advertising a Traffic Monsoon link to (TM) members your ad will not be approved since your ad serves no purpose since they are already members, we want you to get the most out of your purchase so correct your link and re submit.-----------------

    Q6. Can I change sponsor?Only if you recently registered 1 week max if it was an accident. Then you must meet the following requirements also.You can only change sponsor if this was a recent mistake and your sponsor is TM (admin). If your sponsor is not TM (admin) you are not able to change sponsors.-----------------

    Q7. Can you help unblock, or assist with my referrals / friends?Please have your referral submit a ticket we will assist them. Each member must have their own ticket logged for security reasons.-----------------

    Q8. I am missing a referral can you add them to my downline?Please have your referral submit a ticket requesting you as their sponsor. Once they have done this we will move them if they have signed up underneath TM (admin).----------

    Please read this reply in full if you're issue has not been answered here please reply and we will respond as soon as possible.Also take a few minutes to review on overall review of Traffic Monsoon:

    this video will help you better understand in exact details to what TM is.
    You may also review the FAQ Trafficmonsoon : FAQ for more information."

    Voilà, voilà....çà peut aider! ^^

  • Hello,

    Bonne nouvelle alors, j'avais déjà vu cette petite FAQ sur le facebook d'un groupe sur TrafficMonsoon...

    Par contre le support est quand même à côté de la plaque... J'ai envoyé hier un ticket concernant un paiement resté en pending sur STP et comme réponse j'ai eu un copier coller de cette même FAQ.... Pas très pro, il n'a même pas pris la peine de lire mon message, il a vu que c'était question d'un paiement en pending il a conclu que c'était Payza et m'a copier ce message...

    Je vais donc devoir renvoyer un ticket car j'ai fermé celui que j'ai créé sans faire exprès... en espérant tomber un autre gars que Dave...