• Bonjour, Yieldnodes existent depuis longtemps mais je n'ai pas vu de fiche alors je la crée si ça peut intéresser des gens.

    Le service Yieldnodes est un programme de location de nœuds basé sur la nouvelle économie de la blockchain.

    C'est un moyen de générer des revenus en fournissant une puissance de calcul et un espace de stockage qui traite les transactions des cryptomonnaies.

    La plateforme a été lancée en 2018 et est devenue l'une des entités d'investissement en ligne de confiance. Après la phase bêta, qui a duré plus de 16 mois, la plate-forme a réalisé 170% de bénéfices.

    YieldNodes propose comme PROFITS à ces participants une remise de 15% pur versé chaque mois, donc un paiement mensuelle avec un contrat de 6 mois.

    Les moyens de paiement:

    Euros, en dollars américains, Bitcoin, USDT.

    Une commission de 5% est reversée par le programme d'affiliation sur tous les dépôts de vos filleuls directs.

    Je tiens à rappeler paiement mensuel

    -Le contrat peut mettre fin à tout moment après le 6ème mois

    -L'argent déposé est bloqué 6 mois, infos importantes à prendre en compte.

    Une fois inscrit à yieldnodes, effectuer:

    -Un dépôt minimum 500€

    -Un dépôt maximum 250000€

    Voici mon lien d'inscription :


    Voilà si vous voulez en savoir plus n’hésitez pas

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  • Je pense qu'on peut (malheureusement) passer en DOUTEUX :cursing:

    Dear YieldNodes Partners,

    Due to the important and explanatory occasion I, Urs, am writing to you today.

    Due to the current "crypto winter" and the general problematic economic situation (war in Ukraine, high inflation, high energy prices, weakness of the Euro etc.) we are forced to hedge our virtual assets with real and sustainable assets and to provide and manage them in a decentralised way.

    Therefore, with immediate effect, we will restructure YieldNodes into YieldNodes Pro to ensure hedging by real assets and to ensure that our shared values are preserved in the long term.

    The repeated blocking of exchanges like Binance and Changelly (of which are both still blocked) and the difficulties in lending our assets show us that it is time to implement the DECNOMY strategy as soon as possible and tie the value of our coins to real assets.

    The general selling pressure has a negative impact especially on the prices of assets that are only based on monetary values and we currently have hardly any chance to cash out our profits from the Master Nodes. In addition, there are constant attacks on our coins, combined with the insubstantial statement that we are a scam. All this leads to the fact that we must immediately realign our strategy in the direction of DECENOMY.

    We have shown through transparency, openness and real audits that we do a decent and good job as a team. However, we see that this is repeatedly undermined by players on the market who only want to gamble. We can only counteract this with real assets and applications that give all our partners the necessary security that they can trust DECENOMY and thus YieldNodes even in times of crisis.

    We will implement this strategy through YieldNodes Pro. As many know, this has always been our plan, we are only bringing it forward because of the current situation and are starting the immediate implementation.

    We currently have enough reserves, which we are now using to activate YieldNodes Pro. In doing so, we will integrate the existing and still to be developed real assets into our DECENOMY network and make them available to our partners via YieldNodes Pro directly or pooled as an asset.

    The assets to be made available are available to DECENOMY through contractual agreements with various partners who strongly believe in our strategy and fully support us in its implementation.

    These are:

    - 2 hubs in Germany and Malta
    - A large photovoltaic power plant in Germany (11.5 MW)
    - Several photovoltaic power plants in Italy and Germany (>2 MW)
    - A large photovoltaic power plant in Iran (23 MW)
    - An HTC plant in Germany connected to all patents (https://htcycle.ag/en/about-us_8)
    - A music publisher and streaming provider in Germany
    - The Mobolith project with which we can charge electric cars without a charging network and which also compensates for the disadvantages of the very volatile power supply from the sun and wind.
    - Various residential, commercial and social properties, building plots and forests where we focus on sustainable construction and management.

    The value of these real assets amounts to well over 300 million euros. The return on these assets is extremely high, but also sustainable. More detailed information with locations, economic and technical data will follow.

    To be able to implement this, we will convert payments made and credit balances in YieldNodes into NFTs, which give a subscription right to shares in these assets.

    Until these NFTs can be traded, the contractual minimum interest rate of 5% per quarter will be ensured. After that, in a first stage, we will create a possibility for these NFTs to be traded (Q2/2023). In a second stage, based on YieldNodes Pro (Q4/2023), we will provide a portal that will allow our partners to convert the NFTs into equity investments and receive the returns from the associated assets.

    We have consulted with economists and lawyers. This is the best and probably only way for all our partners to continue to benefit from assets of value and it forms the basis for realising the DECENOMY strategy.

    Some will be disappointed by us and may even hate us for it. But if you think it through, you will see that this is the best way for everyone to continue to get returns from YieldNodes and avoid losses. So this is only a pause of a few months, which is necessary for the restructuring.

    We will follow up with more detailed information in the coming days.