• Basé sur le même principe que socialprofit , Capitotal vous promet un rendement horaire a vie du programme !!

    Petite particularité , un event serait prévu au mois de Mai !!

    Les plans sont assez simples :

    A partir de 10$ seulement ;)

    Les processeurs de paiements :


    Retrait mini 0.1$ !!

    Pour me suivre :


  • Les dernieres news :

    Hello Fabrice Barthelemy
    Your account name is fbarth Your e-mail is fbarth75@gmail.com
    You have been registered: 2018-03-30 17:58:14
    As capitotal limited is growing day by day, along with our mining farm and trading activities we have started developing the capitotal application with that one can access all the features with their mobile anytime from anywhere.
    They can access our platform by using Android or IOS platform.
    We will improve security and management at very best level.
    User can signup, deposit, withdraw, check statistics and every thing with user friendly and secured environment.
    We understand that this is a smartphone generation so the application will be loved by many of our members.
    The capitotal application will be launched out soon.
    We have shared the first glace of our application layout.Kindly check a lot more updated version with live account very soon.
    To check Application details please visit "About Us Section" - capitotal.biz
    If you have any doubts, kindly contact our official telegram group - Telegram: Contact @capitotal_biz or our support staff. we will be happy to help you.
    Administrator,Arnott Graham

    Passage a 50$ d'actif , j'espere qu'il va tenir un mois de quoi donner 210% ;)

  • J'aime bien les comptes ronds :)

    La première phase du contest est terminée , bravo aux vainqueurs :

    Winner names are as below:
    1 - rose_ad $5106.83 (30% Bonus - $1532.049)
    2 - Ichirou $4474.73 (30% Bonus - $1342.419)
    3 - Tomoko $2683.24 (30% Bonus - $804.972)
    4 - Bogirum $2386.94 (30% Bonus - $716.08)
    5 - Antwan $1965.34 (30% Bonus - $589.602)

    Second phase of Spring referral contest has been started so don't waste your time.
    Those who wants to win in second phase of referral contest can start promoting and brings members as much as possible.

  • Bon on ira pas plus loin , a priori scam !!

    Bon je vous mets le blabla habituel :

    Hello Everyone, I am sorry to update this very late, I would like to clear something out, We are upgrading servers as in last 2 days many people were getting errors about website not working. Hosting upgradation is already running at the moment and it can take about hours to stablise the website. In order to secure all the account on capitotal, we have stoped the withdraw for a while because we were attacked DDOS so all members data could be compromised . To save that we have stoped withdraw for a while so no one can hack your accounts. Deposit process is normal running. And it has been already secured so there will be no issue while making deposit. Another thing to notice that, People are making fuds about capitotal being scam ,like about I am not the real one, company is fake etc etc, To them I only have the answer is grow up kids. Fool others and let me do my job. Everyone should calm down for now, I will update as soon as I can when everything is working normally. Thank You