Nouvelles JO

      Nouvelles JO

      I believe the debt swap is scheduled to happen sometime on April 7th or 8th. Likely late in the server day.

      For every $0.30 you are owed in the fast track queue, you'll be issued 1 share. And for every 600 BAP, you'll be issued 1 share. (All rounded up)

      You can sell this share straight away, and likely take a huge loss. Or wait a little bit for the share price to increase, and sell your shares for $0.30+ each, to receive your full due return as the fast track queue would otherwise have taken up to a year to pay you.

      After the swap, the system will be debt free! And our entire portfolio will continue earning, and we'll continue using the available $800k of dev funding to keep building it. Along with the financing from any new investments.
      .... This is inevitably going to lead to crazy volumes of new turnover, taking advantage of the debt free system and subsequent super fast repayment times (pretty much instantly for the first investors) + big ad issues at PV... All this will generate huge dividends for shareholders, helping boost the share price (and your Monday cash dividends)... All in all, justifying the swap & taking the business to the next level very quickly!

      For the first two months, we're going to try and limit our growth a little bit. As frankly, we have no way to effectively use the amount of money that will likely come in as quickly as it likely will... So we're going to do as follows:

      1) Limit FTQ investments to $1-10/day for all plans, except for $200/day for 200% plan upgraded users.
      2) Close the BAP to Shares marketplace entirely for 60days.
      3) Limit PaidVerts ad purchases to 1-5 ad packs per day ($1.05 - $5.25/day)

      After 60days, all limitations will be removed. Any purchased FTQ plan upgrades will receive a free 60day extension to compensate for these temporary limitations.

      So, get ready!
      And invest as much as the system will allow... If you've got any excess cash, I suggest buying up the cheap shares under $0.30 each. As the price will be heading that way.