J'ai renouveler 100RR pour 60 jours (ça m'a coûté 27$). Il me reste 6$ + 2$ que je devrais recevoir en bonus. D'ici 2 jours je pourrais donc renouveler mon abonnement ^^

      EDIT : ils m'ont envoyé les 2$ de bonus en moins d'une heure :p

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      ​Final Solution on Paypal RemovalPlease Read Carefully:

      Unfortunately, after more than two years, PayPal decided to close our account overnight and permanent, "security issues" as they stated, our PayPal manager stopped answering our phone calls and eventually nothing got fixed from their end.

      Regardless all our effort, trying and explaining we don't represent any harm to PayPal or members, we never broke any of there terms and considered their terms as our Bible in the past few years. Yesterday, they requested us some minor information about the increase of revenue, we did sent them all revenue they ever could asked for to apeal, that very same moment they decided to limit and today close our PayPal account.

      So we guess it's true after all, PayPal doesn't accept any PTC kind of business anymore, regardless approving us for more than two years, and upgrading our PayPal account to the highest level with account manager. and after reaching this huge amount of growth, they decided now that our business model is not allowed, Unfortunately no clear answers to our questions from their end.

      As you know 99.99% of PTC scam and disappear within a day right after their PayPal gets closed, but we will not do the same, it's just not in our nature to disapear after a setback and a scam processor, it's huge loss for sure, but we will survive as we always do together, this crisis hurt us personally more than you can imagine, we have been working hard during the past 2 years, me and Agony, 5 support staff, mods, developers and you as a member, to keep up with expectations, trying to be always honest and taking your feedbacks seriously for all our next ideas and features into consideration.

      We will invest as much as it needed from our own money towards the other payment processors to help you keep cashouting instantly (for upgraded) and daily (for free members) as always through Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Okpay, Bitcoin and we will be working on adding more processors such as Neteller and Skrill soon as well.

      So how we can continue?

      All members that never used PayPal for deposits, including standard members as well will not be affected by any means.

      For members that used PayPal for purchases, you need to read this: You will have to deposit 40% of the amount you have invested via PayPal in order to be paid. We will share the losses with you, all PayPal funds are frozen for 180 days, but we are trying our best to make it work for you as well.

      To show PayPal depositors, here are a few examples:

      Example 1
      When you deposited $100 through PayPal, the request is to deposit 40% through any other payment processor and makes it's $40 to deposit. We cover $60, you cover $40.

      Example 2
      When you deposited $100 through PayPal and $40 through Payza, you will be able to withdraw through Payza.

      Example 3
      When you deposited $100 through PayPal and $20 through Payza, then you should deposit $20 more through Payza/PM/STP/OKpay/Bitcoin in order to withdraw, making your second best all permanent processors.

      Example 4
      When you deposited $100 through PayPal, $10 through Payza and $10 through Okpay, then you need to deposit more $20 through Payza or Okpay. Making the your main processer you deposited the $20 to.

      We do imagine this might be too much for most of you, actually we wont blame you for it. This is the best we managed to offer compared to how much we will have to invest from our own pocket to cover also your losses.

      You surely imagine how hard the past few days were to all of you and us, we will get through this together.

      Best Regards,
      Farajalla & Agony,
      Adzbazar Admins
      Je sais que paypal représentait 60% de pp la courbe va sûrement s'inverser le fait que okpay arrive sa va faire venir un peu plus de monde à mon avis il y aura du payzza et du payeer qui vont monter d'un cran et que okpay peut aider il suffit de 15% en moins pour que sa soit pour que le site soit rééquilibrer je pense que okpay pourra prendre 5% donc un Tier des objectifs ☺
      70% de rcb
      A mon avis quelqu'un peux contacter le support , et dire que cette transaction est frauduleuse ou un truck comme ca , je parle pas de ce forum mais plutôt car généralement les images qu'on met sur internet on peut les retrouvés sur google image .
      Enfin bref j'ai pas envie de me retrouvé un jour avec des ennuis comme ca ;)
      Si tu veux sur clixblue en golden je suis à 1.4 dollars journalier avec 217 fifi je pense que c'est autan que adz, ( c'est le même Admin que adz) j'ai plus confiance en okik ou clixten après j'ai quasiment rien miser sur clixblue c'est pour occuper un peut avec just 1 clic par jour☺
      70% de rcb

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