Trident Crypto Fund

      We at Trident are very excited with the explosive growth we have been seeing in just

      first week of the business itself

      We started off with approx 1000 registrations a day from 1st day itself and now we have doubled the pace to 2,000 registrations a day

      ICO airdrop is working very nicely and every minute more and more people from around the world are claiming their tokens

      We estimate that by the time this prelaunch is over , all the FREE ICO Airdrop tokens will be claimed and hence it is important that you take action right now and use these Airdrop tokens to your advantage by building a big team by launch so you can have a massive payday

      Links for ICO Airdrop Giveaway are inside your dashboard in marketing tools section

      This last week we also saw growth in China and Vietnam markets along with India , USA , UK and many other countries

      Leaderboard is up for top 100 affiliates inside dashboard also and you can check if your name is there

      Very shortly we will be announcing prizes for top 100 affiliates and hence this is the time you want to be taking massive action by referring more and more people to your teams so you can qualify for the prizes

      Stay tuned for details on the same...

      Team Trident
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      Hello ,

      One of the things we have started to work behind the scenes is TRIDENT own

      Crypto exchange which will take on the likes of Binance , Kucoin , Bittrex and

      many others

      Here is first look of the exchange…4c356c995abe31ecc/trident

      It will go live Q1 of 2019

      We will start with trading of Trident Coins itself after the ICO inside the exchange and later once the whole system is stabilized , add new and new coins on a weekly basis

      We at Trident believe in thinking 5 steps ahead of time and we already got things in line for the next 5 years for all you awesome affiliates and customers inside Trident

      We are starting to get lot of attention from main stream media now as we are adding now almost 3000 affiliates a day on daily basis and we believe by the time we are ready to launch starting 1st May , this number will be easy 5000 affiliates a day

      Our FREE ICO Airdrop sales funnel is crushing the main website funnel by 3x and our marketing team is continuosly working on adding more and more sales funnels..

      We infact just got done producing a few more sales videos for you guys and you will love them once they are live

      Team Trident

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