Laser Online

      Je vous remercie encore de m'avoir fait découvrir ce hyip !

      Investissement de départ : 900$ (17/09/2017).
      Auto-Reinvest depuis le premier jour.

      Situation actuelle :

      Je pourrais bien entendu retirer et me faire une bonne plue-value, mais je suis un joueur, c'est mon premier hyip j'ai envie d'aller jusqu'au bout tampis si je perds tous.
      D'après mon tableau Excel si je continue l'auto-reinvest jusqu'au 17/11/2017 inclus, je pourrais retirer 500$ par jour (maximum vu mon CS) jusqu'à ce que LaserOnline ferme.
      Il faudra bien entendu réinvestir le reste à chaque fois.

      Petite question, sûrement pour Cinod, est-ce que tu sais +/- combien les filleuls doivent faire d'investissement pour que moi en tant que parrain je puisse atteindre le CS de 1000 ? et donc pouvoir retirer 1000$ par jour au lieu de 500 ?
      @p3dram C'est bizarre, je n'ai fait que réinvestir et mon CS est a 337.90 alors que mon investissement actif est plus bas que le tien (4589).

      Vu que je n'utilise pas l'auto reinvest, j'ai l'impression que si on réinvesti manuellement de gros montants le credit score augmente plus rapidement.

      Je n'en suis pas certain par contre :)

      Et je n'ai aucun filleuls.
      Merci pour l'info !

      Donc hier je suis passé de 5995$ à 6375$ ACTIVE INVESTMENT.
      J'ai donc eu un autoreinvest d'environ 720$ et le retrait de mon investissement J-12.

      Mon CS est resté à 8.9.
      Je pense donc que tu as raison.
      Je vais désactiver l'autoreinvest un jour ou je suis sûr d'être devant mon PC et investir manuellement, je vous tiendrais au courant :)
      Bonsoir à tous,

      Nouveau dans les Hyip, après quelques visites sur plusieurs forum dont celui-ci,
      il a du Laser Online à toutes les sauces...
      J'ai donc décidé d'investir dans ce programme.
      Aujourd'hui je tombe sur cet article un peu inquiétant sur MNO
      "ils viennent d'enlever leur banner sur MNO, trop de faux comptes, ..."
      Vos avis ?
      Merci ;)


      The admin of LaserOnline is trying his best to create the impression that his program is doing fine despite some clear signs now that the bubble is about to burst anytime soon. Strong indicators include the sudden drop of advertising campaign on MNO which is really suspicious considering it being its biggest and most efficient promoter, the creation of multiple fake accounts with the same fake downlines to prevent legitimate promoters from reaching the rewards they deserve, and the miscalculation of the profits LaserOnline owes to one of my direct referrals for a huge amount of money. Put two and two together and you come to the same conclusion. And while I do not see the recent developments with LaserOnline positively and am not optimistic for its future, we should all agree completely on one important thing – the program has been the best performer in the HYIP industry over the last four months. While LaserOnline might be on its last legs the vast majority of investors are still paid fine and receiving their payments in an automated mode on the expiry of their 24 to 48 waiting period. With a 12% for 12 business days investment plan and a wide variety of payment options accepted (the list includes PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitCoinCash, Dash, and Ethereum) the program might be able to last for another investment cycle. Although it would be highly dangerous to put any large amounts into it at the moment. Of course, the latest updates from LaserOnline would tell you exactly the opposite as they try to create this make-believe feeling with an astronomical one million reserve fund allegedly stored in their BitCoin wallets to cover any possible losses or made up stories of $30 million invested in their company. The reality is much bleaker than they try to depict and even the attempts of an actor turned CEO of LaserOnline which claims it to be allegedly financially regulated by the US authorities (although in reality is a ponzi-game like everything else) cannot leave anything but a sour note and a feeling of impending doom in many investors minds. Below you will find the latest stories from LaserOnline (first reviewed here):

      “INVEST YOUR BITCOINS WITH LASERONLINEWe are here to change the rules of the game.We are here to create our own money making machine, with as much financial prosperity as we all deserveWe are here to establish a new way of action orientated thinking free of boundaries & stereotypesWe show it is possible to life your life freely, embracing beauty of the scale.Trusted time proven business united with immersive power of the crypto currency12% Daily passive income…Not possible?MEET LASERONLINE INVESTMENT PLATFORM: IS LASERONLINE?LaserOnline is an innovative and practical “digital funds” platform online, which welcomes all members worldwide. We act solely as a facilitator between you (our members) and the Enterprise (our investment). This lucrative opportunity to earn money online was born in respond to ever-increasing global demand for Laser based products. Our key objective is to constantly increase the mutual return on investment through Laser Online platform. To achieve that goal, we’re prepared to deliver you an extremely high returns of 12% daily within 12 Business days for buying digital funds in our platform via the eWallets we accept, and per the terms presented in our Investment Plans.Get started today: Detailed business model & marketing plan How such a return can be a long-term investment solution?– Find out more about our company here– Discover our Development Plan on Twitter: on YouTube: questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section: LASERONLINE TELEGRAM community at: Telegram: Join Group Chat chat with investors powered by: www.telegram.org”.

      “BITCOIN SECURE FUND REFILLED UP TO $1,000,000LaserOnline Platform’s Bitcoin Security Fund has being recently refilled with total balance of $1,000,000…/13VnMS5DNbdeGkXLW1vdixENEpHV4GWzMr…/1FKVjrkkfthE5C1w9hj5mqPLoTRfAyPMEe…/1By8xXHwKytqhHbTMC6Up8WXvsHZdFC24w…/1KUY3ChJ7yuYvHsPzcqh1LLHTbGHdvuTwzBSF. or “Bitcoin Security Fund” can be considered as an extra security feature for all active L.O. platform partners.It is constantly growing crypto currency safety fund.BSF is bitcoin addresses are fully under company?s control and access. BSF. built solely on automatically deducted sum from our profits and does not affect daily R.O.I of our investors. Is some force major cases, BSF. the fund can be used as a partial initial investment refund provided only to active investors (at the moment of the “force major case”). Another word, even if under some circumstances user loses an access to his principal, an extra opportunity aimed at partial/full “digital funds” refund can be offered by Laser Online LLC. Management.Join LASERONLINE TELEGRAM WORLDWIDE community at: Telegram: Join Group Chat chat with investors powered by: Telegram Messenger”.

      “$30,000,000 INVESTED & COUNTING!Effective promotion, profitable instrument… amazing people!Remember our first $100M mark! Let’s hit it within 3 months!Start your amazing journey at LaserOnline today:”.
      Je ne suis pas un grand fan de l'admin de MNO. Il a de gros défaut dont un gros égoïsme, c'est lui avant les investisseurs.

      Il y a eu plusieurs embrouilles entre Laser et lui. Il les a mis plusieurs fois en waiting sur son moniteur. Le retrait de la bannière a dû fortement l'agacer vu que sa touche son portefeuille. Ça sent plus la vengeance mesquine qu'autre chose.

      Cependant, Laser est un programme qui a payé 12% par jour pendant bientôt 4 mois. C'est exceptionnel et ça pousse évidemment à la prudence. Il est trop tard pour investir de grosses sommes et je déconseille de trop compound sans retirer régulièrement.
      C'est marrant ce CS.
      Je suis passé de 8.9 à 2.4 soit une diminution de 6.5.
      Mais j'ai une notification me signalant le contraire haha

      Congratulations dear p3dram! Your Credit Score increased by +-6.5 points! Invest more or invite your friends and colleagues in order to grow your CS and get extra features. Discover more at your profile’s ACCOUNT section.
      Tu perds ton investissement de départ.

      Exemple le 1er janvier tu pose $100. Et donc le 2 janvier tu réinvesti $12 (tes gains).

      Et bien le 12 business days après le 1er janvier, ton dépôt de $100 disparaîtra de tes active investment, et donc le jour d'après, les $12.

      En gros, 12 business days après chaque invest/réinvest, l'invest/réinvest expire (car il aura atteint les 144%)

      Aucune idée si j'ai été clair! :D

      Edit : Chaque jour, tu perds l'invest/réinvest que tu avais fais 12 business days plus tôt, car il aura duré ses 12 jours, et donc t'aurai fait gagner 144%