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      Nouveau revshare de type supersonique !
      Admin : Emmalex Wallcott

      Payplan :
      1 seul pack de $5 qui rapporte 120%
      Cap : 12% par jour
      Pas de repurshase
      Pas de clicls à faire.

      Seuil de paiement : $1 / max : $250

      Processeurs de paiement : Payza, STP, PM, payeer, Bitcoin, Netteler

      Le groupe facebook :

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      Oui ça vaut le coup. TAC avait duré un peu plus de 3 semaines (edit : je précise que TAC tournait à 25% par jour). Il aurait pu durer plus s'il n'y avait pas eu tous ces problèmes de cronjob. Maintenant le script est totalement différent. Je pense que ça devrait tourner sur comme sur des roulettes.

      Si le risque c'est pas trop votre truc, voilà ce que je vous suggère.Vous démarrer avec une somme convenable dès le départ (payza), vous faites vos 120% et vous vous tirez ;) .

      Si vous y allez avec une petite somme. Allez y avec un processeur qui n'exige pas beaucoup de frais et composer 3 jours max dans un premier temps.
      Tout va dépendre de l'évolution du nombre de membres en fait.

      J'offre 50% de refback (80% pour les 2 premiers inscrits :D).. Je supprimerai mon lien de parrainage après 5 jours lol.

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      Pour ceux qui étaient de l'aventure TAC, voici un message qui date du 20 septembre

      Hello Everyone,

      I really want to make this clear to you all that am not a bad person as you think of me because even though i had a failed program but still people made money and profit too.
      Listen in revshare business its not everyone that make money its a first come and first serve business that why if sales goes down the best thing a good admin will do is to just reduce the cap rate that all. Even the system external income cant help because its all base on sales that comes. The more sales the more profit for members. Plus also more of those cash balance on your account are recycled funds which you repurchased within the system excluding your seed money & profit.

      As for me i will say am the best admin ever because i care for everyone and i never wanted any body to lose in my business even when my site had cron job issues i worked over night to get it sorted i never even had much sleep instead i stay all night working to sort out those issues and even when i moved to zamahost server i still communicating with my members and i never intend to hurt anyone feelings ok. So if am such a bad admin as you think then why didnt i close my site down at the early stage when i started having cron job issues which took days to fix? But still i didnt close it down.

      You can call me names or whatever i really dont care because that wont change my honesty & my good ways ok.

      Payza even refunded 40% of funds to all payza users which i am proud to say that am the only admin that gave 40% of refund on payza even when i paid over over $200,000 on payout and also its very rare for payza to pay you 40% of refund as normally there pay you 30% which is sound bad but still i did all my best to make sure my payza members got 40% even though some big promoter made the big profit and those attacking me now are the ones that made the biggest profit i cant call names but if i start to call there names and also show you guys proof am sure you will be shocked to see that those female promoters or leaders you support are the one making the biggest profit from which there dont even care about there downline instead there advise there downline to dispute that all if admin start facing issues.

      To conclude it all as for my new project am about to launch its will not be like the old style or way because we learn every day and the best secret to every successful business is having more sales every day without slow downs.

      Thanks and Hope you all will support me on my new upcoming system.

      Vu qu'il n'y a pas de clics à faire. Sur les packs achetés vous gagnez des login ads et des crédits sur un rotator externe.

      ​I will love to explain the full payplan of this new system and what is in for it that will make it more unique.

      First Pay Plan

      12% Daily Cap Rate
      AdPack COSTS $5
      Matures at 120%
      Pack Expires in 10 Days
      10% Referral Commission three levels

      The Good news is that on every 10 active packs you bought you will receive 3000 worth of login ad views, 2500 Banner credit views and also 1 week traffic spot on my adrotator which i have set it up fully ready to perform its duty. That why all you have to do is send a support ticket once you have the minimum of 5 active packs then i will add those services i said above. i also do cpa marketing which i will use the traffic that is generated from revshare & adrotator system to promote my cpa product which once i make sales from it i will use profit to process your withdrawals too. As long as sales continue to come in and members take the business then my business will last long that my aim.

      Our server and script is 100% well coded and ready to is works at any time.

      Normalement on sera 400 au lancement. Départ dans 80 minutes..

      TAC a bien démarré avec 800 membres. ça ne l'as pas empêché de passer les 5000 en 2 semaines. Le problème, c'est que les gens attendent que les preuves de paiement commencent pleuvoir avant de se lancer. Au moment où la plupart des membres arrivés au début sont déjà en ROI..