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      Skiziix wrote:

      D'accord merci pour votre réponse, par contre pour le virement bancaire vers AdvCash, faut il se rendre à chaque fois dans sa banque ? ou utilisez-vous un échangeur ? Merci
      Ça va dépendre de ta banque, mais perso si j'enregistre le receveur pour un virement après je peux gérer les virements suivant par internet sur le site de ma banque directement vers ADVCash et ca prend entre 12h et 24h sans frais (mais la encore ça dépend de ta banque)...
      Arrivée des packs en dollars $$$$ :thumbsup:


      Hello Dear partners of Atlantic Global Asset Management. Financial company Atlantic Global Asset Management congratulates all its customers with the full access to the new Asian market.

      We really appreciate our new customers from countries such as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, OAE and others, so in order to in the new 2017 to provide the best possible conditions for cooperation, to adjust to the dynamic of the Asian market, the company Atlantic Global Asset Management announces the launch of new USD accounts and new investor USD packages.

      This change was due to the fact that the Asian market is basically works and operates (USD). Working with (EUR) our customers from Asia constantly had to make a conversion of their funds to (USD) and back, which was not the most convenient way to work.But now the solution has been found, and all the customers can deposit and withdrawal funds without any conversion through both USD accounts, and through accounts in EUR, and in order to not to convert received income from investor packages from (EUR) to (USD) have been created and entered into new products "Packages of the investor" in (USD).

      The difference between the new (USD) packages from the (EUR) packages is the currency unit for which you buy them, in the monetary unit in which you receive your income, so the cost of products "Investors package" as in (USD), as well as in (EUR) is the same. In other words to buy a package you are interested in , you, just as before, can choose it by name and its price, and the difference is only is that when you buy the package, you can now select and pay, for example, you like "Red" package price of which either 7290 (USD), or (EUR), where receiving income from it is in the same currency unit for which it was purchased.

      Affiliate income received by agent from the sales by the agent of of packages remains, as is has always been in the QP measurement unit (Questra Point), which is equivalent to equals to 1 unit equals to 1 (EUR). In cases of sales by the agent to his client of any investor's package (USD), for example the "Red" package price of which 7290 dollars, now the affiliate income will be calculated by the formula:

      $7290 / (the exchange rate (USD) to (EUR)) = sum (EUR) - from which the income is calculated according to his agent career level.

      For example, if you are 4 level agent with the percentage of return of 10.5% and sold your client investors "Red" package price of which 7290 dollars, and the exchange rate currently stands (USD) to (EUR) equals 1.0566, according to the exchange rate and recalculation we have: 7290 (USD) = 6899 (EUR). In this case, affiliate agent income with the percentage of return of 10.5% will be:

      6899 EUR / 10,5% = 724 EUR - the income of 4th level agent from the sale of USD investors package "Red" equals 7290 USD.

      We congratulate and thank you for your cooperation!

      Best Regards, Atlantic Global Asset Management.
      Entretien avec le PDG, José Manuel Gilabert, de Questra World.

      Un avenir brillant pour AGAM & QUESTRA entre 2017 et 2020. Entrevu enregistré hier en Allemagne lors de l'événement Leadership. Il nous annonce un avenir brillant pour les 3 prochaines années et une stabilisation de la compagnie avec de meilleurs investissements.