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      Salut tout le monde,

      Une excellente nouvelle arrive ...

      "Update 17/11/2016

      Hello MAPPERS,

      We are fully aware that many of you have been drastically affected by the actions of VX Gateway. We have pondered how to help you get back into the game at reduced prices. Having come to a consensus, we are proud to announce that we have some exciting changes coming to MAP 2.5. So, let’s get straight to it!
      • We have reopened the signup process so that you can start to build your teams in anticipation of the relaunch of MAP later this month.
      • We have temporarily eliminated membership fees and upgraded everyone to Primetime Spotlight! No need to surf to maintain membership.
      • We have reduced the price of a Credit Pack to €24.99 with a possible payback of €27.50! This will give folks a lower entry point/cost and make it easier to get potential members involved. (Credits received for the purchase of a CP is now 275 credits and 5 boosters)
      • Lastly, we have increased the MAX number of Credit Packs allowed per member to 1500!
      Now you can buy double the Credit Packs with the same amount of money and it should be much easier to get someone started in your business! We hope you appreciate these changes.

      Make sure to get your tickets to our Third Anniversary Event to be held on the 17th of December, 2016! ( We have an absolutely mind-blowing day/night set up for those of you in attendance that will be jam packed with exciting news and training, along with a fabulous dinner and entertainment throughout the night!

      Yours truly (Mike Deese) will be there to unveil something that is going to blow your socks off! Advertising will never be the same after you see what our future holds.

      So, get your tickets now, seating is limited!

      Thanks everyone!


      Traduction au mieux ...

      "Bonjour les MAPPERS,

      Nous sommes pleinement conscients que beaucoup d'entre vous ont été durement touchés par les actions de VX Gateway. Nous avons réfléchi à la façon de vous aider à revenir dans la partie à des prix réduits. Ayant dégagé un consensus, nous sommes fiers d'annoncer que nous avons des changements passionnants à venir dans PAM 2.5. Alors, allons droit à l'essentiel !
      • Nous avons rouvert le processus d'inscription afin que vous puissiez commencer à construire vos équipes en prévision de la relance de MAP au plus tard ce mois-ci.
      • Nous avons temporairement supprimé les frais d'adhésion et évolué pour tout le monde vers le forfait Primetime Spotlight! Pas besoin de surfer pour maintenir l'adhésion.
      • Nous avons réduit le prix d'un pack de crédit à 24,99 € avec un remboursement possible de 27,50 €! Cela donnera aux gens un point d'entrée / coût inférieur et facilitera l'obtention de membres potentiels impliqués. (Les crédits reçus pour l'achat d'un CP sont maintenant de 275 crédits et 5 boosters)
      • Enfin, nous avons augmenté le nombre MAX de packs de crédits autorisés par membre à 1 500!

      Maintenant, vous pouvez acheter le double des Packs de crédit avec le même montant d'argent et cela devrait être beaucoup plus facile afin d'obtenir quelqu'un qui commencerait dans votre entreprise! Nous espérons que vous apprécierez ces changements.

      Assurez-vous d'avoir vos billets pour notre événement du troisième anniversaire qui se tiendra le 17 décembre 2016! ( Nous avons un jour/nuit absolument bleufflant mis en place pour ceux d'entre vous présents qui seront emballés avec des nouvelles passionnantes et des formations, avec un dîner fabuleux et du divertissement tout au long de la nuit!

      Sincèrement votre (Mike Deese) sera là pour dévoiler quelque chose qui va vous faire sauter de vos chaussettes! La publicité ne sera jamais la même après avoir vu ce que notre avenir réserve.

      Alors, obtenez vos billets maintenant, les places sont limitées!

      Merci à tout le monde !

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      Salut tout le monde,

      je reviendrai plus tard pour la traduction car il est un peu tôt pour le faire ce matin :

      "Update 01/12/2016

      Hello everyone!

      We have been extremely busy! As promised, albeit a couple days late, MAP 2.5 is scheduled to launch tomorrow, December 2nd! We are going to try to launch as early in the day as possible so keep watch. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t make sense to make those of you that want to continue to build your business wait on our legal team to work out our issues with VX. So, point by point of any changes and how 2.5 is going to work is laid out below;

      • To login to see historical data from MAP 1.0 and 2.0, you will go to My Advertising Pays | Tomorrows Advertising Today

      • To login to MAP 2.5 you will go to the regular MyAdvertisingPays link.

      • Your login credentials will be the same for both 2.0 and 2.5, only the link is different.

      • MAP 2.5 will be a clean slate, however you still own that which is in your 2.0 account. Please see previous update released on 14th of November for reference on our standing with VX and your funds.

      • There is no need to sign up to GPN Data to make purchases as everything can be done directly from your MAP account.

      • We are still working on the pay-in and out module, scheduled to be completed on the 12th of December. This will allow everyone a snapshot of all transactions and allow you to withdraw to your bank, providing you a much easier and transparent experience.

      • Until the financial module is complete, there is a €2,000 limit for any credit card. After December 12th, anyone wishing to make any larger purchases will need to upload KYC (Know Your Customer) documents, via the MAP website, that will then be transmitted directly to GPN for verification. Credit Card and KYC documents will not be stored in your MAP profile. Also, wires will not be accepted until the completion of this module.• We have reduced the withdrawal hold period from 30 days to 14, meaning a withdrawal can be put in and 14 days later you will receive the funds. • The new price for a credit pack is €24.99 with a possible payback of €27.50. MAX CP’s allowed is 1500 per household.• All credits owned in 2.0 will be transferred to 2.5 for use in the Traffic Exchange.• No membership fees will be charged for the time being.• Your downline will be transferred to 2.5 and you will earn referral commissions on any of their purchases.

      New developments, products, and revenue streams (which are HUGE) will be announced at the December 17th event. The day is absolutely jam packed with revealing information that is literally going to change everything in the most positive way! Seriously, you do not want to miss this event! The deadline for purchasing your ticket is 12PM (noon), December 9th so don’t delay, get your ticket now! everyone, enjoy!

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      oui surtout que tout le monde est désespéré car il faut racheter des credit packs avec le nouveau processeur.

      Perso, je ne peux pas et même mon parrain qui possède 350-400 credit packs ne peut pas en acheter aussi.

      C'est très irritant toutes ces affaires. J'attends beaucoup de TM. Sinon je mise sur futureadpro maintenant.

      sinon la vidéo de Mike Deese :

      Et aussi, un lien que je ne vais pas m'évertuer à traduire car c'est trop long :

      "Law360, Houston (December 1, 2016, 8:16 PM EST) -- MyAdvertising Pays Limited, a marketing company that pays people to watch advertisements, filed a lawsuit in Texas federal court Thursday alleging its payment processor, VX Gateway Corp., was actually outsourcing that job to third parties and stole about $60 million in funds.

      MAP told the court that VX Gateway, which was hired to provide an online payment portal for MAP members and manage payments for those members, had breached their contract by fraudulently retaining the funds that belong to its customers in the U.S. and abroad.

      In August, MAP informed VX Gateway via email that it was improperly withholding funds. After VX Gateway responded that it was the third-party processor that wasn't releasing them, MAP sent a demand letter for the funds, which prompted a phone call between the parties during which VX Gateway said it was pursuing a lawsuit against one of the allegedly at-fault processors, GPN Data.

      “VX Gateway further advised MAP to 'join forces' with VX Gateway in their purported lawsuit against GPN Data in Poland,” the complaint reads. “In order to facilitate this joining of forces, as a condition precedent, VX Gateway insisted that MAP execute a full release of liability for any claims MAP may have against VX Gateway, as well as [executives Timothy] MacKay and [Celia] Dunlop personally, ostensibly because MacKay and Dunlop were concerned about being charged with international money laundering. To date, VX Gateway has neither provided, nor has MAP discovered, any evidence that VX Gateway has initiated ... litigation against GPN Data in Poland.”
      MAP is seeking damages of $42.4 million and €16 million ($17 million), plus consequential damages.

      According to the complaint, the companies entered an agreement in April 2014 whereby VX Gateway would provide payment processing services for MAP customers through an online portal. It was MAP's understanding at that time that VX Gateway was handling all processing responsibilities, it told the court, and that those tasks were not being handled by a third party.

      MAP runs a website that allows individuals to purchase “credit packs” that allow them to view advertisements, and then those individual members are paid based on how many ads they watch. The packs are purchased through the portal via credit card or wire transfer payments. When a certain amount has accumulated in the member account, the member can withdraw the funds, according to the complaint.

      After the withdrawal is approved, VX would transfer the funds from MAP's account to the individual member's account.

      In April 2016, MAP withdrew from the U.S. market, stopped accepting payments in dollars and began only accepting payments in euros, maintaining VX Gateway as its processor. It was a move MAP told the court it had been considering since December 2015 as a result of declining profits in the U.S. market.

      Ahead of that move, though, in February 2016, MAP announced the plan and shortly thereafter VX Gateway placed an annual limit on credit card transactions per member of $6,000, a restriction that didn't previously exist, MAP told the court.

      When questioned, VX Gateway blamed its third-party processors for the restriction, which was the first MAP had heard VX Gateway wasn't actually processing MAP's transactions, according to the complaint. Around that time, members began complaining to MAP about the time it took to process transactions and withdraw funds.

      VX Gateway explained that the delay was not its fault but that of the “correspondent bank,” and that it was in the process of partnering with other banks to process the payments more quickly.

      Another issue arose, MAP told the court, when it began accepting only euro payments. It noticed that, after a week, its account with VX still showed a zero balance. That was explained by VX Gateway as the fault of the third-party processor, explaining the funds hadn't cleared yet and that there was also a 10 percent “rolling reserve holdback” from the third-party processor, “as well as an unexplained 90 percent holdback initiated at the whim of the various processors, with one purportedly holding back funds for around three weeks and the other holding back funds for around seven weeks.”

      In June 2016, MAP started shopping around for a new payment processor, and it was after a meeting with another company that MAP was informed that VX Gateway was only a gateway services company and was unauthorized to process payments, according to the complaint.

      Counsel information for VX Gateway wasn't available Thursday, and the parties did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

      MAP is represented by J. Cary Gray, Michael A. Ackal III, Sandra L. Mazan and Meagan W. Glover of Gray Reed & McGraw PC
      The case is MyAdvertisingPay Limited c. VX Gateway Corp., case number 4:16-cv-03541, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division.

      Source :
      Payment Processor Outsourced Work, Stole $60M, Co. Says - Law360
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      Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

      "Hello everyone!

      First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all members on an incredibly successful relaunch! Not only did our membership come out in droves, but our continued traffic and sales have been consistently improving and gaining momentum!

      Secondly, as I’m sure many of you are aware, our interaction with VX Gateway has found its way into the hands of Southern District of Texas, Houston Division. After months of going back and forth with VX, we here at MAP decided we had had enough and took it upon ourselves to file a lawsuit in the State of Texas against VX Gateway, several of its subsidiaries, and the owners themselves.

      We encourage MAP members to follow along with the case as it progresses using the federal case number – 4:16-cv-03541, and look forward to providing you with as many personal updates as our attorneys allow.

      Switching gears for a moment quickly, we hope that you all are encouraged and have found our new payment processor, GPN DATA, to be not only incredibly professional and helpful but also the providers of an amazingly robust system that has revolutionized the MAP experience! The Executive Vice President of GPN DATA will be in attendance at our event.

      Speaking of the event, we want to remind everyone once again of the December 17th MAP 3rd Anniversary event! Naturally we are biased, but as it has been coming together, this event will be nothing short of phenomenal with many guest appearances from those of us that keep MAP ticking day in and day out, along with MAJOR announcements that is going to absolutely change the face of advertising! You won’t believe how busy we’ve been building a future for everyone!

      After a year such as this, there is nothing more that I am looking forward to than taking the time to shake the hands of our loyal members and toasting to the future of MAP in 2017! See you there!


      Traduction au mieux :

      "Bonjour à tous!

      Tout d'abord, je tiens à féliciter tous les membres grâce d'une relance incroyablement réussie ! Non seulement notre adhésion est sortie en masse, mais notre trafic continu et nos ventes ont été constamment améliorées et gagner en vitesse!

      Deuxièmement, comme je suis sûr que beaucoup d'entre vous le savent, notre interaction avec VX Gateway s'est retrouvée entre les mains du District Sud du Texas, Division de Houston. Après des mois d'aller et retour avec VX, nous avons décidé ici de nous en occuper et de nous engager à déposer un procès dans l'État du Texas contre VX Gateway, plusieurs de ses filiales et les propriétaires eux-mêmes.

      Nous encourageons les membres MAP à suivre l'affaire au fur et à mesure de l'utilisation du numéro de dossier fédéral - 4: 16-cv-03541, et nous nous réjouissons de vous fournir autant de mises à jour personnelles que nos avocats le permettent.

      Nous espérons que vous êtes tous encouragés et que notre nouveau processeur de paiement, GPN DATA, sera non seulement incroyablement professionnel et utile, mais aussi les fournisseurs d'un système étonnamment robuste qui a révolutionné l'expérience MAP! Le vice-président exécutif de GPN DATA sera présent à notre événement.

      En parlant de l'événement, nous tenons à rappeler une fois de plus l'événement du 17 décembre pour le 3e anniversaire de MAP ! Naturellement nous sommes biaisés, mais comme il a été ensemble, cet événement sera rien de moins phénoménal avec de nombreuses apparitions de ceux d'entre nous qui gardent MAP ticking (?) jour après jour, avec les annonces MAJEURES qui va changer absolument le visage de la publicité! Vous ne croirez pas à quel point nous avons construit un avenir pour tout le monde!

      Après une année comme celle-ci, rien de plus que ce que j'attends avec impatience que de prendre le temps de serrer les mains de nos loyaux membres et de griller l'avenir du MAP en 2017! On se voit là-bas!

      Personnellement, je ne peux continuer sur ce site car je n'ai plus d'argent ... Je suis énormément écoeuré ... en plus je suis au chômage ... ce genre de site aurait pu me faire sortir des difficultés ... lorsque j'ai payé mon loyer, mon électricité, mon mobile et mon internet, il me reste 270€ pour manger. C'est extrèmement dur ! J'aurais pû m'ensortir avec TrafficMonsoon, mais vous connaissez l'histoire pour ceux qui sont dans ces businesses. Maintenant, il ne me reste Futureadpro qui m'a l'air beaucoup plus solide, mais je reparts à zéro ... intérieurement j'ai réellement une boule au ventre. Cependant, je ne nie pas qu'ils communiquent avec des infos régulièrement.
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      J'avais seulement 10 CP.

      Mon parrain est dans le même cas que moi.

      il avait 350-400 credit packs et son compte est à zéro et il ne peut plus acheter de pack parce que'il n'a plus de pognon lui aussi avec tous ces sites qui ont des soucis que je ne blame pas tels que Traffic Monsoon. S'il n'y avait pas eu les 6 mois de suspension de Paypal et la SEC, j'aurai pu être indépendant et aidé des gens, mais c'est ainsi ...

      En Janvier 2016, j'avais 62 ad packs sur trafficmonsoon, et sans mes filleuls, j'en aurais 750-800 fin novembre 2016 ce qui me permettrais d'être à mon compte ...
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      Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

      Je ne traduis pas car c'est très long ! Resumons, MAP 2.5, c'est fini et c'est remplacé par The Advert platform ; pliante déposée dans le dessein de récupérer les avoirs.

      J'avoue que je ne suis pas content du tout, mais c'est ainsi pour tout le monde ...

      Personnellement, je ne peux pas continuer faute de fonds, et de tous les autres programmes avec lesquels j'ai perdu de l'argent ... Paidvert, BoomDirect, HQRS, Beonpush, etc sans doute, j'en oublie ...

      Comme il commence, c'est fantastique, mais seulement pour ceux qui ont du pognon à remettre !

      "Hello MAPPER and Future TAPPERS!

      Wow wow wow! What a fantastic event we had this past Saturday! I had the time of my life! Shaking the hands of our loyal members and hearing your stories was one of the most humbling moments in my entire life. THANK YOU!

      We are still buzzing. Past, present and future was covered in this event. Stories are flooding social media with evidence of jubilation and fact-based reviews. We appreciate those of you taking your time to write these reviews and posting unbiased information for all to see.

      I am excited to write this update after months of difficult news with litigation and funds recovery. It’s time for good news for a change!

      The future is bright guys! On January 3rd, 2017, “MAP” will become “TAP” - THE ADVERT PLATFORM! Everything purchased in MAP 2.5 will be transferred to TAP on Jan. 3rd automatically.

      This new platform has been expertly built with over 2.5 million lines of code with stunning graphics/functionality! Our IT team has been working days, nights, weekends and holidays to ensure that this new platform is something we can all be proud of going into the future.

      The Advert Platform

      One particular review I found quite level and unbiased was from Chis Abel with whom I had the pleasure to meet Saturday. He gives a really fantastic rundown of the day and gives a good description of the information we shared with everyone. So rather than me give another summery, I am going to share his.

      Disclaimer of Endorsement: Reference herein to any specific commercial products, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by MAP/TAP. The views and opinions of the author expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of MAP/TAP, and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. Disclaimer of Liability: With respect to documents available from this server, neither MAP/TAP nor any of its employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights.

      Review Begins Below;

      Ladies and Gentlemen

      So here it is... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly... what has happened and why, what is happening now and what the future holds for all of us. No BS - just the way I see it.

      When a Monarch dies and is immediately replaced by his Heir so that a Country can continue to grow and prosper, this phrase is used "The King is dead, God save the King"

      In this vein it could be said "MAP is dead, God bless TAP"

      You probably don't know what TAP means yet - more of that in about 800 words time.... what I will say is... TAP looks good, really very good.

      So what has happened, and more importantly where is our money from MAP 2.0 ?

      To their credit, both Tony Booth and Michael Deese when they got on stage immediately admitted that mistakes were made, big mistakes.

      For want of a better phrase, VX Gateway "led them up the garden path" and neither of them realised what a nasty surprise was awaiting them at the end, until it was too late.

      As Tony Booth said on stage: "Lots of people are asking "where was the due diligence" but we knew these people well, we drank with them, they were supposedly our friends".

      Whether that is an acceptable excuse when $60m is currently at stake you can judge for yourself. What I would caution is not to be too harsh in your judgment.

      Let us remember that under normal circumstances a very wise policy to adopt is: "If it ain't broke don't fix it"... and for the best part of 3 years VX gateway was working very nicely for MAP.

      We were introduced to the Vice President of GPN Data, Mr Jim Robinson who came on stage. I found Mr Robinson to be very straight talking, informative and open about exactly how the catastrophe with VX Gateway came about.

      Mr Robinson explained that GPN Data supplied VX Gateway with the eWallet facility that allowed MAP members to purchase Credit Packs from the very beginning of MAPs existence.

      Mr Robinson explained that for reasons that were not apparent to GPN Data, the MAP revenue they had been processing and that had been growing massively and unrelentingly for more than 2 years dwindled down to almost nothing.

      What could not be known by either GPN Data or MAP Corporate was the reason for this slump, now it has come to light, VX Gateway had created their own bank accounts into which they were illegally depositing our funds, they were busy stealing our money plain and simple.

      It would appear that VX gateway most definitely took a premeditated decision to defraud MAP and GPN Data for as much as they could get before attempting to disappear.

      Mr Robinson explained that VX Gateway were also attempting to get their hands on the 10% rolling reserve of funds that had been held by the Acquiring Bank for the previous 6 months. GPN Data were returning this to MAP Corporate via VX Gateway before they pulled the plug.

      As stated in the court documents, although Michael Deese asked VX to explain what was going on, as the funds were not appearing in our accounts, VX refused to reveal anything.

      It was only after legal action was started that MAP Corporate discovered that VX Gateway were not in fact a Payment Processor, but were just an Independent Sales Organisation who had an eWallet facility with a larger Payment Processor - and Corporate were finally made aware of the existence of GPN Data.

      Unfortunately the World of Merchant Account Processing is convoluted, complicated and full of disreputable characters. There are reputable and rock solid companies out there, but unless you are guided by someone who understands the intricacies of this environment (someone like myself in fact) you can easily take that trip along the garden path and never even know you are on it.

      So in conclusion:

      MAP Corporate are 100% convinced that the money stolen by VX Gateway will be recovered.

      I did get to ask Michael Deese one question and that was: "All the money that was paid into MAP through Solid Trust Pay, where did that go?"

      Once again Mr Deese did not try to avoid the question, he answered immediately and honestly: "We used that money to cover the VX shortfall" subsequent to this Lynne Booth added "It was used to pay profit share". Which is absolutely what it should have been used for.

      So it makes no difference how credit packs were purchased, via VX or STP - all the money went into the same pot (apart from the $60m that VX kept for themselves) and everyone will eventually be refunded the same way, regardless of how they purchased their credit packs.

      The only caveat to this refund policy being that Tony Booth announced that it is has been decided and agreed by Corporate that whatever funds are recovered or produced will FIRST be used to repay those members of MAP who have never withdrawn any funds.

      So those in the worst position financially will be helped first - which is an excellent and praiseworthy attitude. For me it shows empathy and understanding.

      Overall with regards to the recovery of funds from VX Gateway I would say that a good position to adopt would be to, Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

      This is a legal battle so in reality nobody knows what the outcome will be and how long it will take, until it is decided by the court in Texas or Panama or wherever it ends up being held so that it is legally binding on these scoundrels.

      I have covered the history and what is happening to try and resolve that situation - now here comes the FUTURE...

      Firstly let me say. I am very glad that I was present at this meeting .

      Believe me, I was not a happy bunny before I turned up to this meeting.

      I got to Diamond with 1000 credit packs in August and never managed to make even one withdrawal after that, as everything went wrong - so I am already R1m in debt thanks to VX gateway and their actions.

      Now I needed to borrow another R20,000 just to fly to the UK at the most expensive time of the year and buy a bloody expensive event ticket - our big event meetings in South Africa including lunch cost R250 - this cost almost R2,000 and that was just the daytime ticket I didn't go to the party !

      Anyhow, if you want to lead from the front you need to actually lead, so you suck it up and get on the plane.

      As it turns out - some of the leaders of our company that I spoke to are in exactly the same position as Me. They are in financial difficulty and needed to borrow money to get to the meeting - but still we were there.

      I was concerned that the existing financial issues would be swept under the carpet, and we would only hear about the new exciting business opportunities - this was not the case.

      In the first 2 hours Tony Booth, Jim Robinson from GPN Data and then Michael Deese explained thoroughly and exactly what had gone wrong and what has been happening to put it right.

      It was only after lunch that we moved on to New Business.

      I will do my best to do justice to this new business model, it is quite simply a massive leap forward.

      On 3rd January "The Advert Platform" will be launched.

      I think the name change is a vast improvement, this is a name that lends itself to advertising in the business environment. It just sounds more professional and credible.

      75% of the advertising will now be focused on Social Media and external web platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Websites.

      This is the real Game Changer!

      75% of the adverts will be sent out via social media into the internet, and each one could potentially go viral and be seen by millions of people.

      Up to now, in essence we have existed in a closed community.

      There may be 320,000 members but regardless of where a particular ad impression originated, the traffic exchange adverts could only be viewed by members logging in to the site.

      With "The Advert Platform" it will be necessary to do 12 actions per day to qualify for 100% profit share.

      3 Clicks on the Traffic Exchange exactly the same as before.

      3 Facebook Shares of an advert placed on the TAP platform

      3 Twitter posts of an advert placed on the TAP platform

      3 Links to an advert on TAP inserted into a Blog or Website

      If you only perform the 3 Traffic Exchange clicks then only 25% of the available profit share will be earned. If you then share 3 adverts on Facebook another 25% will be earned and so on.

      So once all 12 actions have taken place 100% of the profit share will be earned.

      There will be a grace period of 30 days for everyone to get Facebook, Twitter and either a Blog or Website made ready - so in reality the 12 actions will start on 2nd February 2017.

      The Profit Share is 10% and Referral Commission is 10% - there is nothing held back - we get the full 10%.

      The Credit Packs remain at 25 Euro and as they mature at 27.50 this will occur twice as quickly as a 50 Euro credit pack, which in turn means that they can multiply more quickly by repurchasing.

      There will be a new "Postcode Lottery" Game which is completely Free, but will pay out 100 Euro every day - if this is not claimed it will roll over every day until it is won.

      The Wheel of Fortune will also be there, and Free to play - but the games will be more prominent on the site so people can find them more easily as they were hidden in the drop down menus before.

      There will be Online Training within the TAP website for everyone to access, making the whole experience easier.

      There will be a Forum within the website for members to ask questions and receive answers - so this should hopefully make it a lot easier to keep up to date on whatever you need to know.

      There will be an iPhone App completed shortly to work alongside the Android App which will really streamline the whole TAP experience.

      The aim is that is should be quite feasible to run your whole TAP business from a decent smart phone.

      The first 500 members after 3rd January who make a purchase on TAP will be invited to become Beta testers for the iPhone App software.

      There are other products in development that were not revealed but it looks as if the platform will be robust and stable. There are certainly some clever software engineers working for us full time now.

      I do realise that for me and for many of you, regardless of how good this new business looks we have no money available to purchase credit packs.

      I am going to support TAP 100%, but as I don't have funds I will start again by selling advertising space to small and medium sized businesses who are looking to improve their ranking on Google searches and hopefully end up at the top of page 1.

      You can't keep a good man down, well not for long

      Wishing you all a very happy festive season

      See you in the New Year

      Written by; Chris Abel

      So there you have it folks! It was just a phenomenal event! Over time we will be uploading photos and clips from the event for everyone to see.

      We would like to congratulate those of you have received your first withdrawal from MAP 2.5 today! We are continuing to work with GPN DATA to ensure a streamlined process for purchases and wires, both in and out, without the hassle that used to exist with VX Gateway. This will be a much more transparent and secure process for everyone as was explained very well by the Executive Vice President of GPN DATA during the event.

      We’ve all experienced happiness and sadness during times of jubilation and disappointment, in business and in life. All we can do is the best we can during disappointing times and carry on forward in the most positive way possible. We are doing the best we can with the hand we’ve been dealt. I assure you, we will carry on forward in the most positive way and will always strive to create a business from which you can expand your reach to the marketplace many times over, whilst also providing an income to those who desire it and work to achieve it.

      TAP will change the world of advertising, plain and simple. We invite you to participate in this new platform, but understand if you choose not to.

      I want to close by saying again just how humbled I was when shaking your hands and hearing your stories. It was an absolute pleasure. Thank you again for your loyalty and understanding during the past few months. It’s time to pick up the pieces now and go forward into the New Year with a clear head and fresh sense of hope and drive to be successful.

      Thank you all!
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      Bonjour à tous,

      incroyable mais vrai ; des nouvelles émanant du site lui-même VX Gateway.



      "Final Settlement of Creditor Claims

      All properly filed creditor claims received by 20 February 2017 have now been assessed by the Trustees of VX Gateway Inc., in dissolution (“VX Gateway”) and an advisory email has been issued to all registered claimants.

      Claimants advised of a settlement payment must reply to the email with all the proper requested information, including the signed Banking Instructions Form, before Wednesday 8 March 2017. Payments will be processed by Friday 10 March 2017 for claimants who submit compliant documents by the due date. Non-compliant submissions will delay or prevent processing of payment.

      Other than normal expenses of administration, VX Gateway owes no other money to anyone other than the registered claimants as of this date.

      The unusual transactional behavior by (“MAP”) in August 2016 (a 90% drop in sales from the prior month) caused all of the processors to cease making payments to VX Gateway after 8 September 2016. As a service provider and by the terms of its contract with MAP, VX Gateway owes nothing to MAP unless and until it receives payment from the processors.

      Accordingly, a number of remittance payments from MAP's VXLOOP account to customer VXLOOP accounts have been cancelled and reversed as MAP's VXLOOP account has insufficient cleared balance to fund the payments. People who seek payment of the balance in their account at MAP should contact Mike Deese, CEO and Director of MAP or MAP's law firm Hart David directly.

      VX Gateway is attempting to recover additional sums owed to it by MAP in the form of legal damages through the lawsuit it has, upon advice of Panama legal counsel, filed in Panama against MAP and against Michael Deese individually who personally guaranteed payment of VX Gateway's fees.

      There is also a large receivable owed to VX Gateway by GPN Data. GPN Data has withheld payment. When and if money is received from GPN Data, VX Gateway will then pass through whatever share is then due to each of the respective entities or parties.

      In January of this year, VX Gateway challenged MAP's outrageous and false claims made in the lawsuit filed in US District Court in Houston, on its website, and repeated publicly elsewhere, by proposing that MAP join inommissioning an independent audit by a Big 4 accounting firm. MAP was advised that the audit would determine how much, if any, money is actually unaccounted for, and identify exactly who is holding any such funds. Not surprisingly, MAP refused repeated offers to agree to the audit.

      Accordingly, VX Gateway has now, completely upon its own volition and at its expense initially, arranged with a Big 4 accounting firm for the independent audit to begin immediately. We shall soon all know the falsity of MAP's lawsuit and who is holding any unaccounted for funds.

      VX Gateway in dissolution prepared this statement based on the information available to it, including information derived from public sources that have not been independently verified. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is provided in relation to the fairness, accuracy, correctness, completeness or reliability of the information, opinions or conclusions expressed herein. The financial information included in this presentation is preliminary,
      unaudited and subject to revision upon completion of the Company's closing and audit processes, as well as independent third party audits. This presentation is not a legal opinion, but general discussion, not intended to deal with or disclose particulars of any specific issue, legal, business, or otherwise. All applicable statutes and regulations control.

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